In-Vessel Composter

ORC offers a range of in-vessel composters to fit any need you have. We offer from 1 cubic yard per day up to 32 cubic yards per day using one machine. If you have more, simple, add more than one machine. ORC over 20 years of experience building and teaching with in-vessel composters.


Why ORC composters:

In-vessel composting began in the 1970’s in north east Texas.  A large rotating drum was manufactured and put into operation to compost materials that would otherwise be very difficult to  compost in windrow operations.


In-vessel composters can compost materials in as little as 72 hours. There is no secret ingredient, no special heater, or no advanced chemicals added. We simply facilitate mother nature and provide a stable environment  for the composting process to take place.


In-vessel composting can reduce the footprint of a composting operation. A 32 cubic yard per day operation can easily fit in a 5,000 square foot building. This also reduces odors and labor force. ORC uses aerobic composting process, it does not have the odor an anaerobic composting process does. Normal backyard compost piles and large windrow operations that stink are anaerobic.  ORC can also compost things such as dairy waste, fish waste, mortality, and other high nitrogen things that become a problem in outdoor  windrow composting.  Also, in-vessel composters don’t freeze up in the winter like other operations.


Joey Baxter and Bernie Beers have over 30 years combined experience in composting.  A list of some of their clients are:








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Clemson Universtiy

Lincoln Universtiy

Michigan State Univestiy

Texas A&M

Washington State Correction facilities

Federal Correctional facilities

Texas State Correction facilities

Birome Gin

Butler Oaks Dairy

Broken Sound Country Club