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Organic Resource Company  (ORC) was formed in 2012 by Joey Baxter and Bernie Beers.  Dr. Robert Winn entered the company soon after its formation.  The ORC was formed to address the needs of companies and municipalities in the efficient handling of their waste streams.  The most common waste streams that we deal with are:

*Activated Sludge      *Food Waste

*Mortality                          *Animal Waste


This is by no means an exhaustive list,  and we are able to work

with any organic waste stream that you might produce.  As

organic waste streams have increased we have seen an

increase in interest to properly process organic sludge.

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Always here to help, specializing in organic waste management and consulting.



Dr. Winn has recently joined ORC.  Trained as a nutritionist and a veterinarian, Dr. Winn has a wide area of interest.  Upon graduation from Veterinary School he served in the Army as an OIC for a food inspection group in Wisconsin.  He inspected 45 plants on a recurring basis personally.  On weekends and leave time he worked in a dairy practice as a relief practitioner.  Upon leaving the Army he moved to Seymour, WI for a year of dairy practice where he performed the surgeries and started nutritional consultation and herd health procedures for the four man practice before relocating to the Sulphur Springs, TX area.  In 2001 Dr. Winn headed up a group of veterinarians who developed an SOP manual and a HACCP manual for dairy farms in an effort to "brand" milk and allow the farmers to receive more for their products.  An online record keeping system was developed along with recommended procedures, treatment and vaccination programming.  In his effort to help the dairymen and cattlemen in the Northeast Texas area, he developed a line of enzyme products to help manipulate the rumen microbes and improve fiber digestion.  In the last two years he has been working to apply this technology to the digestion of various organic waste.
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Joey Baxter earned a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing. He was very involved in his families dairy that was in business for 43 years. Joey worked closely in the dairy and there began to understand the need for proper waste management.  After graduating college, he then worked in the telecommunication field for 2 years where he there found more passion for waste management. He began working with BW Organics as production manager and design manager.  After BW Organics, he found that there was many more ways to handle waste other than compost.  He began the GM position at Organic Resource Company (ORC) in June and started working closely with Dr. Robert Winn and Bernie Beers.  ORC has a dedication to converting waste into energy. They have found that waste streams have an immense amount of energy in them that can be harvested. ORC is excited to work with companies to help convert waste into energy.
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